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1099 MISC


Turnaround time is two business days.

You have the option to expedite your order:

  • One Business Day Turnaround + $20

Mail Delivery Options:

  • First Class Mail no tracking + Free
  • Priority Mail 2-3 days with tracking + $7
  • Express Mail 1-2 days with tracking + $35


Make sure you pay close attention to the year you select as it can not be changed later.  Also note, taxes are never withheld from a 1099MISC. If you want taxes withheld, consider ordering a W2.

Are you sure you need a 1099? Maybe a W2 would be a better choice. Read more here.

Fake 1099MISC

  • Printed on Standard White Printer Paper
  • Two Business Day Turnaround
  • Email Delivery & Approval
  • One Revision