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IPS has proudly created custom documents for over 10 years!




  • Choose from 4 different templates
  • Custom calculated with your details
  • Prepared using current tax regulations
  • Printed on standard white printer paper
  • Ordered in monthly quantities
  • We will email your fake pay stub to you for approval before we mail them out
  • See examples by clicking the “ORDER NOW” button



  • Printed on blue check stock
  • Custom calculated with your details
  • Prepared using current tax regulations
  • Ordered in monthly quantities
  • We will email your fake pay stub to you for approval before we mail them out
  • See example by clicking the “ORDER NOW” button




A profit and loss statement (P&L) is a financial statement that summarizes the revenues, costs and expenses incurred during a specific period of time, usually a fiscal quarter or year.





  • Displays annual earnings from an employer
  • Custom calculated with your details
  • Prepared using tax regulations of the year you choose
  • Printed on standard white printer paper
  • We will email your W2 to you for approval before we mail it out
  • See example by clicking the “ORDER NOW” button

1099 MISC


  • Displays annual earnings for an independent contractor
  • Prepared with your details
  • Printed on standard white printer paper
  • We will email your 1099 MISC to you for approval before we mail it out
  • See example by clicking the “ORDER NOW” button



  • Displays annual earnings from all sources
  • Prepared with your details
  • We will email your fake Tax Return to you for approval before we mail it out
  • Tax Returns Show as “Self Prepared”
  • Price increases depending on the complexity of the returns.




You already have a bank statement but you need us to make changes to it.




You need a bank statement made from scratch.




Check out our blank template you can complete yourself

We are now offering a blank ADP pay stub that you can complete yourself.

Here is what you will need:

  1. Knowledge of Microsoft Excel
  2. How to calculate state and federal payroll taxes
  3. $25

Buy our template now and get a jump start on your DIY fake pay stubs.



How much are pay stubs? How much are W2’s or 1099’s? How much are bank statements? 2017-04-12T09:27:15+00:00

Honestly? This is answered all over our site. The prices you see on our home page are starting prices for pay stubs. Why? Because you can order lots of pay stubs. We charge by the month, not by the stub.

If you want to find out exactly how much your order will cost, we suggest filling out the order form to get an exact price, this way you can make your selections for shipping and processing.

Your site will not accept my credit card. Help! 2017-04-12T09:22:29+00:00

We accept Visa, Mastercard & Discover.

We do not accept American Express.

If you are getting an AVS error, it means the billing address you entered at checkout does not match the billing address your credit card company has on file. Please update the billing address and try again.

If you are getting any other error, and you know you have the funds in your account, please contact your credit card issuer.

Can you update the dates on pay stubs I ordered a few weeks ago? 2017-04-12T09:18:53+00:00

No. Here’s why:

You can’t change the dates on a pay stub without updating the YTD earnings & taxes. A whole pay period, or more, needs to be added to the totals.

If you updated the date without updating the YTD amounts, it will appear you have not worked for the whole year.

So if you want your fake pay stubs, to look fake, change the dates.

However, if you need updated stubs, you will need to place a new order. You can reference your previous order number and we will make sure to provide documents that continue from your original order.

We have many customers order updated pay stubs on a regular basis.

I need these documents for a loan, can you help me? 2017-04-09T11:48:33+00:00

No. Our documents are for entertainment purposes only.

Don’t go to jail.

Do not use these documents to misrepresent yourself.

You are required to agree to our terms and conditions prior to placing an order on our site.

What are your hours of operation? 2017-04-09T11:46:30+00:00

Monday – Friday 9 AM – 5 PM PST.

If you contact us outside these hours, we will get back with you during business hours.

We are closed on the following major holidays.

  • New Year’s Eve
  • New Year’s Day
  • Martin Luther King Jr. birthday
  • Washington’s Birthday
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Columbus Day
  • Veterans Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day
I want to talk to someone before I place and order. Can you call me? Can I call you? 2017-04-09T11:42:20+00:00

We only provide support via email and chat. This keeps our costs down and also helps us keep track of customer needs. Therefore we can not call you.

I need multiple documents, do I have to place separate orders? 2017-04-09T11:34:32+00:00

Yes. Each document type requires different information to process so each document must be ordered separately.

How long will it take for you to make revisions to my order? 2017-04-09T11:30:14+00:00

Generally speaking, revisions are completed within 24 hours of receipt of your request for revisions.

HOWEVER, please note, each time you email us revisions, it moves your order to the bottom of the list because you are restarting the revisions clock. So please review the documents very carefully before sending us your revisions.

If you are trying to accomplish a specific number for example, $1400 net pay for each pay period. PLEASE just tell us! Guessing will waste our time and yours. HELP US HELP YOU!

Here is an example of a customer who kept moving there order to the bottom of the list.


How long until I receive my documents via email? 2017-04-09T11:14:41+00:00

Its up to you! Make your selection on your order form.

Our standard turnaround time is 2 business days.

You may choose to expedite your order by making the selection on your order form.

Need your order on the same-day? The best way to get your order same-day is to place your order early in the day, before noon PST and choose expedited processing. Please note, while your order may be processed on the same-day, revisions will not. So take care when entering your order information so that we can provide you with an accurate document.

I place and order and I haven’t heard from you… Whats going on? 2017-04-09T11:05:49+00:00

We will email you your document within the processing time-frame you chose on your order form.

Troubleshooting steps:

  • Did you receive your receipt?
    1. If yes, check the processing time-frame against the time and date on your receipt. If its past the due date/time, check your spam folder for an email from “orders@fakepaystubonline.com” If its not there, respond to your receipt and ask for the status of your order. We will NOT respond to status requests prior to the due date & time. Its time consuming and takes us away from actually processing orders.
    2. If you did not receive a receipt, check your spam folder and verify funds were withdrawn from your account. If no funds were withdrawn, your order was not placed and you need to place your order again. If they were withdrawn, email us at “billing@fakepaystubonline.com and let us know you placed an order but did not receive a receipt. We will update your order with the correct email address so you will receive you order.
  • Please keep in mind our hours of operation are M-F 9am-5pm PST. We do not respond on weekends, holidays or evenings.
What if something is incorrect on my document? 2017-04-09T10:55:23+00:00

We will email you your document before we ship it to you.

It will be emailed to you within the time frame YOU chose on your order form.

You will have 24 hours to review your documents and respond with the revisions you want completed.

If you do not respond within 24 hours, we will assume you are happy with your document, and mail you a copy.


If I send you my pay stubs or W2 can you change make changes? 2017-04-09T10:51:27+00:00

In some cases we can edit pay stubs or other documents you provide us.

Things to take into consideration:

  1. Your pay stubs must be in pdf format and must be a digital copy.
  2. It must be downloaded from the company website that issued the document.
  3. Scanned documents can not be edited.
  4. Photos of documents can not be edited.
  5. We can NOT recreate a document from a photo or scanned document.
  6. The cost to edit a document will be MORE than the cost of one of our documents.
  7. It will take at least two business days for us to complete the requested changes.

If you are ok with the notes above, you may submit your documents to request a quote.

We will respond within two business days with a quote, an outline of changes we will make and an estimated time of completion.

Request a Quote
What is your return/refund policy? 2017-04-09T10:42:46+00:00


Pricing is based on the amount of time it takes to create your documents. Therefore we do not offer refunds because… well… we can’t get our time back. Please don’t place an order if you are not sure you want your documents.

Will my documents have a watermark on them? 2017-04-09T10:41:19+00:00

No. Your documents will NOT include any watermarks or branding from our company.

Will you email me my document? Or do I have to wait until they are mailed to me? 2017-04-09T10:40:20+00:00

We will email you your document before we mail it out. This gives you the opportunity to view them and make any necessary changes. Also you can simply print the documents out and use them so you don’t have to wait on mailed copies.

Will the taxes and YTD be correct? 2017-04-09T10:38:24+00:00

Yes. We enter your information as though you are an actual employee. Our pay stubs and other documents are real, the information in them, such as your name, address and such are what makes them fake.

Do you use photoshop? 2017-04-09T10:37:17+00:00


How do you make my fake pay stubs or other documents? 2017-04-09T10:34:44+00:00
  • Standard Pay Stubs
    • We use two different payroll processing applications to make pay stubs and earning statements. This give us access to 3 different templates and generates accurate taxes. We enter your information as if you were an actual employee and generate actual pay stubs.
  • Premier Pay Stubs
    • We use a payroll processing program to generate the premier pay stubs.
  • ADP Pay Stubs
    • ADP pay stubs are created using Microsoft Excel. We obtain the current tax information using our payroll processing applications, then transfer the information into our excel template. You can purchase this template by clicking here.
  • W2 & 1099 MISC
    • We use a tax software program to create W2 and 1099-MISC forms. We first create a years worth of payroll in our payroll processing application, then we enter those numbers into our tax software program which verifies the tax amounts and generates actual W2 & 1099.


The products highly professional and meticulously designed. FAKEPAYSTUBONLINE is second to none!!
Some of the products are a bit pricey however, the end result is perfection!

Lucy A.

Amazing work I’ve ordered several times and they have never failed me. Thanks so much!!! You guys are a life saver.

Donna J.

Awesome customer service and QUICK turn-a-around! Couldn’t ask for anything better than that. Thank you!!!!

Michael K.

Wow I was so skeptical but these people really are legit. I got mine sent to my email not even 4 hours later. It looks SO real. Thank youuuuu. Now I can finally get my place Fast and super efficient

Taylor D.

Quick responds back, staff was very helpful!

Minnie C.


Our hours of operation are M-F 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST.

In order to keep costs down, we do not provide telephone support.

The fastest way to get your documents is to place an order.

We respond to messages within one business day.