Email Solicitations: Fraud Warning

Buyer Beware!

So you received an email from “our” company asking if you need documents. What now?

Over the years, we have had clients tell us they were ripped off or solicited by someone from our company.

It usually goes something like this:

Client: Hi there! I still have not received my order! Whats taking so long!?!?!

US: Hi there! I do not show an order on file for you. Can you please provide me your order number or a copy of your receipt?

ClientI didn’t receive a receipt, I paid you via western union… Here is a copy of the email.

US: {Heavy Sigh} Hello again. This email did not come from us and we never ask for money via western union. I am so sorry but I think you may have been scammed.

Client: Nooooo!!!!!!!!!

We weep for our clients. 

How does this happen?!

That’s a good question. Lets talk about it. Often when clients are looking for a fake pay stub services such as ours, they shop around with several websites… Well sometimes, things aren’t what they seem and your essentially end up with some random person in a foreign country.


Cheaper websites who offer instant fake pay stub generators for really cheap, sell your information. And that, ladies and gentleman, is how they make there money.

Whats the big deal?

Well there are a few things you should be concerned about.

  1. Will you actually receive your documents? Because if you don’t you have no recourse.
  2. Is your information safe? Some document require highly sensitive information such as your social security number. So not only are you handing your money to a stranger your essentially handing over your identity. Its a big deal.
  3. What if things go south? You can’t file a dispute with western union. Your money is gone.

No way! How can I stop this from happening to me?

There are a few red flags which will alert you to suspicious activity.

  1. They email you from a @gmail account or any other free service account but claim to be associated with a company. But this actually means they aren’t associated with an organization. You are messaging a person anywhere in the world.
  2. They ask you to wire them money. Wiring someone money is like sending an envelope with cash to an unknown address. Also, you can’t file a dispute if you don’t hear from them again. Services like Western Union, MoneyGram and bitcoin are all used for nefarious activities. Not exclusively. Obviously.
  3. They ask you to email them your personal information. Our site uses jotform to secure your information off our site. So even if our site is hacked (knock on wood) your data isn’t stored on it and therefore isn’t compromised.
  4. Their site doesn’t have a privacy policy. They can sell your information and you may start receiving major spam. We never sell your information to anyone.
  5. They ask for your credit card information via email. We NEVER handle your payment information. We don’t want it. Please don’t send it to us. You handle that directly on our secure order form.
  6. They email you asking for the sale and make the sale about them. Look at this email where the person “Gary” (who claimed to be from our company) says they need money for their daughter… Whaaaa…….

So the moral of the story is…


Don’t give your money away. Pay attention to the email address. Pay attention to the branding, grammar, salutations and the tone of the email. It could save you time & money.